Our services


This company provide :

  • Frequent sales and operations Visits
  • Sales communication 
    • Direct to agents
    • Frequent sales and operations visits
    • Webcargo and cargoffice promotion
  • Product Development 
  • Revenue management
  • Road feeder Services
  • Flight Planning & Supervision
  • Ground Handling Supervision
  • Tracing & Claim Handling
  • Sales reporting
  • Invoicing


CLS Offers a Cross Trading service to forwarder only from China to Worldwide and always support as much as possible his Airlines partners.

  • Our neutral
  • Our customers avail our operations and regulations knowledges
  • Our communication simplication ( our staff speak, write , read Chinese)
  • Competitive prices and clear services


In partnership with ALBION AVIATION(https://www.albionaviation.com/). We are able to offer charter service with our current Airlines’partners and many more